Mastering Tutorials:

Aside from providing audio mastering, TGM’s second mission is to help others to learn about mastering and other aspects of audio production. This is achieved through our in-depth Audio Mastering Tutorials.

You’ll find that having your audio mastered here is much more than just sending audio and getting it back in mastered form. We like to keep you in the picture, explaining why we make certain decisions. All the time helping you as a music producer learn to create a better mix for mastering. For those out there looking to learn about the mastering process, on the next page is an article about the popular created by TGM.

TGM Audio Mastering are the proud creators of the popular, a text and video based mastering tuition website aimed at anyone who chooses to carry out their own is set out in a course like fashion and can teach anyone how to get impressive results using standard plugins. A considerable amount of detail is examined, but the main concept is to focus on the “art” of mastering, providing you with a solid foundation of knowledge, and a real understanding of the modern day mastering process. You will find especially useful if you’re using ‘all in one’ plugins like Ozone or T-RackS.


Completely dedicated audio mastering tutorial website! is designed to take you on a journey through the mysterious world of audio mastering. Each mastering tutorial leads neatly into the next. For this reason we highly recommend that you proceed through the mastering tutorials in the order they are set out. As you proceed toward the end of the mastering tutorials, you will realise how all the subjects link. Leading you to a sense of real understanding and enlightenment. With iPhone/iPad friendly videos, you can be learning this valuable skill on the go!

Here’s an example of what you’ll find at


Process for increasing depth in a mix S using Audio Mastering Tutorials

To learn more about the technique above, visit the popular mastering tutorial Ultra Depth found here.

Please note: can provide the skills required to get impressive results using plugins. But it is no substitute for the high end mastering services provided by TGM Audio. If you’re serious about getting your demos noticed, use our high end mastering service. If you’re serious about learning this wonderful skill for yourself, there’s no better place to start than!