Audio Mastering Engineer David S Eley:

TGM Audio Mastering Engineer. Former Chief Sound Engineer for the world famous Bridgewater Hall concert venue (home of the Hallé Orchestra). Creator of the very popular ‘’ mastering tutorial website.

Author of:

‘The Audio Mastering Blueprint’ (available for free at;

‘The Secret Notebook of a Mastering Engineer’ (£19.97 available at;

‘Pro Audio Mastering Made Easy’ (the Amazon version of the above available from Amazon).

My Story

Born 1982, I have around twenty years professional industry experience in various fields such as mastering, mixing (live & studio), music production, performance and teaching. My career took off upon graduating at Salford University to become a live mixing engineer and systems tech for the famous Bridgewater Hall concert venue in Manchester, all the time playing keys and producing for a local electronica band. After some more study, I became a part time lecturer for Oldham College teaching Audio Operations National Diploma. Right from the start I have been building a sophisticated home studio catering for electronic music production which was to eventually become TGM Audio.

My passion for audio mastering has been there from the beginning, using mastering techniques to give my own music a pro sound. As my interest in mastering has grown, so has the mastering side of my studio. TGM Audio opened for business at roughly the same time as I started teaching. After a few years, the growth of the business eventually led to the end of my lecturing days (too much work load). I carry currently out the majority of audio mastering projects at TGM Audio. When I’m not audio mastering or writing articles for, I am actively involved in other forms of music production.

I must give credit to Lee Calpee, an exceptional engineer. He came to me looking for work experience whilst studying at SSR. It’s good to have two perspectives – his ideas opened up my eyes to new possibilities. He also contributed to some of the tutorials at my popular website,

David S Eley

image of two vacuum tubes taken from an analogue compressor within audio mastering engineer David S Eley's studio

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