Below is a list of the services offered by TGM Audio Mastering. To begin your project, please fill in the form on the right hand side of this page.


Stereo Audio Mastering

Most popular service – After establishing contact with TGM Audio Mastering, send your L-R Mix via the audio file upload page and have it brought to a commercial standard using world class analogue audio mastering gear.

Starting at 30.00 GBP for one master. Our Studio can be busy at times so please first contact for availability.

Standard prices (for audio files not exceeding 6 minutes total length each):

1 x Master = 30.00 GBP
2 x Masters = 50 GBP
3 x Masters = 75 GBP
4 x Masters = 100 GBP
5 x Masters = 120 GBP with each additional master at 20.00 GBP thereafter.


Stem Audio Mastering

In some cases, stem audio mastering will return more pleasing results than stereo audio mastering. Stem mastering is when a finished mix is separated in to individual parts (stems). You might have a drum stem, a guitar stem and a lead vocal stem. Providing the audio mastering engineer with stems allows for more control over the individual elements of the mix. To find out how to create stems for audio mastering, go to the instruction page.

Please contact first for a quote and availability.

Large files can be sent to TGM Audio Mastering via the audio file upload page.



We have contacts with many experienced mix engineers. Please check for availability.


Download Ready mp3/m4a Album

Tracks are arranged and specific gap lengths chosen, tracks can be overlapped. Final master is a download-ready mp3 album including attached artwork, track listing and ordering, other information – all embedded into mp3.

Prices may vary, will depend on length and how many tracks. Please inform TGM of your requirements in this area when requesting audio mastering.


CD Audio Master Disk

Have your tracks arranged as mentioned above with the creation of a CD master ready for replication using industry standard “red book” specification. The CD master is burned to the highest quality disk and delivered to you or replicators by Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK only).

Prices may vary, will depend on length and how many tracks. Please inform TGM of your requirements in this area when requesting audio mastering.


Mix Review and Sample Master Service

We listen to your mix. If all’s good, we provide you with a sample master (deposit may be required for new customers). If we feel improvements can be made, we provide a detailed review with suggestions to get the mix to where it needs to be.

Learn more about Mix Review and Sample Master.


Additional Mixes

This includes radio edits, instrumentals, a cappella etc.

Assuming each can be run off without changing settings within the master chain, these are charged at 10.00 GBP each.


If you require any revisions to made to a mastered audio file, we will do this once free of charge. Subsequent revisions are charged at 15.00 GBP each. If you require a revision, please try to provide adequate and understandable information; be precise about what you need changing (and what you want to remain the same).

Black and white image of Pendulum OCL-2

Please note: Any audio files uploaded from brand new customers without first establishing contact with TGM may not receive a response. Due to the popularity of our audio mastering tutorials, we are experiencing an increased volume of sample master requests for the intention of learning what we do as opposed to using our mastering services for what they are intended for. We may require a deposit from new customers for mix reviews and sample masters. We apologise for this and hope you understand.

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