Audio Mastering Studio Spec:

Listed here is the audio equipment spec found in TGM Audio’s Mastering Studio. Nice.

Close up photo of Manley Massive Passive Analogue EQ in TGM's Studio

Nothing can handle the mids like the famous Manley Massive Passive Analogue EQ. It’s not surprising this comes with a price tag as heavy as the thing weighs. This is the ‘go to’ tool for giving new, vibrant life to the main elements across the mid-range of a mix.

Close up photo of Avalon 747 sp in TGM's Studio

The tightest lows and sparkliest highs we’ve ever heard. The Avalon 747 sp has many uses. The comp is very nice and smooth (when you get to know it). But be careful, it can bite you hard! The built in side chain is where this unit really shines. The EQ is straight forward, in a good way. Unbelievably tight in the lows, the silkiest highs and the mids are brilliantly detailed.

Close up photo of Pendulum OCL-2 in TGM's Studio

One of the best loved high end comps of all (a favourite amongst the top mastering engineers) the Pendulum OCL-2 can demonstrate incredible versatility for an opto compressor. From fast and aggressive, to slow and smooth, this unit can handle everything in between. This unit is used almost all of the time in one way or another.

Screen shot taken from digital mastering software Sonnox

As well as using some of the nicest analogue audio mastering gear available, we also carry out a portion of the mastering process in the digital domain. For this we use only the nicest software money can buy, Sonnox, Waves, Steinberg, Voxengo, PSP etc. Every mastering project is different, we choose the tools to suite the job, analogue, digital or both.

Close up image of a Prism Sound Orpheus converter being used in TGM's Studio

What’s the point in having superb analogue equipment if you can’t accurately capture the incredible detail it provides. The Prism Sound Orpheus is a well known top range converter amongst serious engineers. We’ve tried and tested other converters but after hearing this, we’ll not be changing them any time soon.

Close up image of PMC IB1a Mastering Speakers

A popular choice amongst serious mastering engineers. The PMC IB1a’s may be flattering but my goodness are they detailed. The perfect combination for long hours of critical listening. Here’s their spec: PMC ATL™ (ADVANCED TRANSMISSION LINE) WITH 2 SECTIONS. 27MM TWIN CHAMBER FABRIC SOFT DOME HF WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE FERRO-FLUID COOLING. 75MM SOFT DOME MID RANGE IN ISOLATED ENCLOSURE. PMC 10” / 250MM CARBON FIBRE & NOMEX™ PISTON DRIVER. PHENOMENAL BASS RESPONSE DOWN TO 25HZ.

Close up image of a single-channel Bryston PowerPac 300 Amplifier in TGM's Studio

Complimenting the PMC’s are two Bryston PowerPac 300 Mono Amplifiers. Superior quality, modular, single-channel power amplifiers delivering 300 watts at 8 Ohms. The PowerPac 300 is essentially a monaural version of the very popular 4B SST stereo amplifier.

Image of Left Speaker in TGM's acoustically treated and calibrated Mastering Studio

Your monitors are only as good as your acoustics. Ask any experienced engineer and they’ll tell you the most important thing to ‘get right’ is the space in which you are working. You can learn all about this in our dedicated chapter on studio acoustics found at TGM Audio Mastering is acoustically treated and calibrated to ensure accurate listening across the spectrum.

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